Quest Title Description

Your Quest Journal will update as you progres through the world and each quest (left) will summarise what you have learnt so far, as well as your current objectives. Also listed will be prospective rewards for completing the quest.

Completed Quests
A Stormy Knight

-The first mission you embarked upon saw you venturing to an old Tower and claiming it for yourselves after fighting goblins, spiders, gargoyles and an ancient bugbear.

-Your defiling of the corpse angered the nearby Goblins and their leader, Slaark.

-In cleansing Hightower you were able to restore it and claim it for yourselves, setting it as a base of operations and regenerating some warforged Guardians to protect it for you.

-Calamis found a journal that informed him about Dragonbane, the bow he seeks.

-Dante revealed some information about his connection to his ring, and its connection to Vameril.

Another Captive

You have captured Thar, Jasmine's cousin and apparently, according to Moradin, an agent of Garyx, Draconic God of Destruction and Bahumut's rival.

Upon sending the Soul Eater to Forgepeak, it began consuming Calystrx. This caused most Kobolds and Red Dragonborn to die. Thar was one such casualty.

Blacksmiths Lives Matter

Your blacksmith has some grand ideas beyond simple forging. Speak to him and see if you can help him in some of his grand ideas.

Laharl has spoken with the Blacksmith and he has begun embarking on small trade-runs

Knights Of Artarniel

Atarneil has blessed you all, dubbing you knights in his name. You should return to Hightower to learn more about your knightly powers.

As Knights of Artarniel, you are expected to uphold his virtues, to not rush to violence, and to have faith in him. You are then rewarded with quite potent powers.

Sona’s Betrayal

Sona has received a curse from attempting to steal from the Ancient Guardians of Forgepeak. The curse appeared to have fractured his Lute and changed his very character- he disappeared without a word...

Using the Staff of Starris, Leonid annihilated Sona!

The Staff of Starris

The Staff was reunited and used to put Calystrx to sleep. Laharl then destroyed the staff and Savras escaped before Vameril absorbed Savras. Wow. Dayum.

The Staff is still a potent object, having an Azuthian sapphire in its hilt and a powerful gemstone at its tip.

Inactive Quests

If you love it then you shouldn't put a ring on it


Dante's ring seems to have some sort of unnatural connection to Vameril. This much is clear, but its activation by Thar, when Thar used his own ring, opens up a whole series of questions- questions that should probably be answered, less something worse happen.

  • Learn more about Dante's ring
  • Reopen the Portals


    Jasmine's signet ring appeared to have been able to slot into the pedestals in the portal room and may have been able to activate those portals. With the loss of the signet ring, you will need to find another way to open those portals if you want to access the full capabilities of Hightower.

  • Research the portals, and their meaning
  • Research draconic links and ancestry
  • The Real Slim Shady

    In changing time, you no longer have the Goblin Illusionist.