The FEW Allies you have


Archmage Balthazar Anian

The Archmage of The Academy of the Cobolt Order has had a hard life, shown in the wrinkles on his face and the limp in his walk. Recently, his life has only gotten harder. Imprisoned twice by a village that doesn't understand him, all he has tried to do is protect Harken, first as Archmage, then as one of the Triumvirates that ruled after the death of Barron Stockmer. Now he is an outlaw from his home and an enemy of Witch Hunters.

The Guardian

The Guardian of Hightower

A Warforge created by the Old Nerathean Empire and charged with protecting Hightower, The Guardian has laid dormant for thousands of years since the fall of Old Nerath. Awoken only upon your entry to Hightower, the Guardian has resumed his charge of protecting Hightower. Recently, he was killed and his soul captured by the Monolith at Hammerfast, which, upon its destruction, returned The Guardian to life. He revealed that he is a servant of Artarniel and knew Artarniel's original master, however, he is unable to remember any more.


Jaryd, firstborn of Moradin

One of the firstborn of Moradin, Jaryd is close to an ally, but more of an associate. You found and returned the Heart of the Mountain to him, and he helped you when Dante peered into the depths of an Abyss and brought forth thirteen Balors. And he advised you on how to deal with Calystrx, and offered some information about restoring Forgepeak, which you didn't bother to learn... But hey, at least he isn't an enemy.

Barron Stockmer

Barron Stockmer (deceased)

The first Barron of Harken you met and an incredibly compassionate ruler, Stockmer worked hard to help the original party in beginning their quest. Under his rule, Harken prospered and was made safe from The Iron Circle and other threats. And now he's dead. Oh, and you haven't found out fully how he died- why was there poison on his lips? Who, or what, actually killed him?


Paladin Setzer Devon (deceased)

The leader of the Order of the Radiant Lion and a massively niice guy, Setzer was a beacon of goodness stemming the tide of darkness from swallowing Harken... and now he's dead. Oh, and you haven't bothered finding out why and how.

You Suck

no one else

You literally have no other friends... Well done.