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The northern area are the lands immediately surrounding the Nentir Vale and stretch to the South and East. The feudal survivor states that still exist in this area�mostly human and dwarven�are known as the League of Nerath, all that remains of the fallen Empire of Nerath.

Based on archaeological evidence this appears to have been mostly the western extant of Bael Turath holdings during the ancient empires, as demonstrated by the locations of cities such as Sarthel and Vor Rukoth. However, Arkhosian sites are found as far north as the Nentir Vale. This may be the result of the Arkhosian use of flying fortresses like Ustraternes. The troll kingdom of Vardar also ruled over this land at some point of history.

This region includes terrain that is as varied as any other, although great forested areas and mountain ranges are dominant in the region. This continent limits to the northeast with the Wailing Sea, and to the east with the Midnight Sea, and the Sea of Dragons.

The lands of the southern region of the continent are mostly under the influence of the Iron Circle mercenary faction. Those lands are comprised almost entirely by the great desert known as the Desert of Desolation, the extent of which is not truly known. This barren region marked the southernmost frontier of the Nerathi Empire. The lands of the Altaran Peninsula, to the east of the Desert of Desolation, have the same kind of terrain that the ones of the northern region of the continent. Those lands are surrounded by a group of seas known as the Eight Seas of the Iron Circle.

In ancient past, the entire southern region of the continent comprised all the Arkhosian lands known to Nerathi scholars.

Interractive Map